“I have tilled the earth and because of it, flowers grew,
So I know the Beauty of Life
I have had trials, troubles, and triumphs,
So I know the Faith of Life.
I have traveled down highways and byways, and walked with people of all races,
So I know the Companionship of Life.
I have sat in quiet meadows and fields in bloom,
So I know the Peace of Life.
I have seen things grow, wither and die as seasons change,
So I know the Circle of Life.
And because of all these wonders, I know the God of Life.

~Adapted from the dedication of Alice Rosemond-Gibbons


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If everyone shared the lessons and knowledge of their lives, we could learn so much from each other, and there would be more empathy and less strife. Here is the wisdom that I’ve gained in my thirty-seven years:

  • The color of someone’s skin or their financial status shouldn’t define how they’re treated.
  • Someone else’s religious beliefs shouldn’t offend you if your own faith is strong.
  • It’s easy to let drama into your life but it’s harder to get rid of it.
  • Don’t stress out if no one else has faith in you, just have faith in your God and that’s all you need.
  • Never be afraid to remove negative baggage from your life; you’ll find a missing piece of yourself when you do.
  • Always start how you want to finish.
  • Find joy in the journey of your life, because you only get one.
  • Sometimes, you have to love family from…

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The Faces of Bullying


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Originally posted on Breaking the Line Books:

Bullying…what does that word truly mean? Let’s look it up.

Mirriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines bullying as, “1. to treat abusively, 2. to affect by means of force or coercion ,3. to use browbeating language or behavior, 4. to frighten, hurt, threaten a smaller or weaker person, or 5. to cause someone to do something by making threats or insults or by using force.[1]

As an adult, I am somewhat intimidated by these definitions. Abuse, force, browbeat, frighten, hurt, threaten? Those are serious words. As a criminal justice major, it sounds like crime, and as a parent, it is the nightmare that can affect the rest of your life.

The sad part is that many parents live that nightmare every day. Sending your child off to school with a “have a good day” is not the same anymore. Going to work and losing all thoughts of your child until you receive…

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